Our Program

2 ½ – 5 years

Preschool children are social butterflies; they enjoy spending time with children their own age.  In our preschool room we have capacity for 16 children with two enthusiastic Registered ECEs.  We have a Jr. and Sr. room with an open-door concept.

The Jr. preschoolers work on enhancing their co-operative play skills, while the Sr. preschoolers get ready for Kindergarten.  The preschoolers work towards acquiring the skills needed to enter elementary school, such as printing, numbers/counting and reading.

Our weekly lesson plans are posted two weeks in advance and we designate a number, shape, letter and colour of the week. 

The children walk to the local library once a week during the warmer months.  They go outside twice a day, weather permitting, in our large playground.  We have a wide variety of bikes and sports equipment for them to further advance their large motor skills.

The preschool room has nine areas in which the children can grow and learn: cognitive/fine motor, block/construction, dramatic play, sensory play, writing centre, book centre, science/nature, computer and creative art.  The children learn about different cultures as we try to include many celebrations from around the world.  They enjoy various traditions and we encourage families to share theirs with us.

The preschool children expand their math and science skills with weekly cooking activities.  As well as experiencing the cause and effect of cooking, the children learn to measure, pour, and count.  This may be how Julia Childs started!  The children also plant a vegetable garden in the playground where they monitor the progress of their crops.

During their time in the preschool room the children acquire many new skills and ideas about the world.  When they leave us for elementary school they are prepared to succeed in their educational career.