Karen S.

Parent- 14 month old daughter


I was nervous to send my little one to day care full time when I returned to work when my daughter was 11 months old.  However, I was amazed at how quickly my very particular baby adjusted and thrived in her new environment.  I am so grateful that the staff helped her gain skills to become more self sufficient. Dressing and meal times are no longer a battle at home! She is so proud of all she can do on her own!

Marcin L.

Parent- 12 month old daughter


The staff are very warm and inviting.  My daughter is very well looked after and she enjoys coming to day care every day.

Elesabeth Y.

Parent- 3 year old daughter


My daughter has learned so much while attending the centre.  They have helped her learn English, how to play co-cooperatively with other children her own age, learn her colours, numbers etc, toilet training.  I am very happy with how she has grown here.

Amanda M.

Parent- 2 year old son


As a mom of a 2 year old, I appreciate the feedback and advice I get from his teachers.  They work with us as a team in helping him develop.  He has learned so much while he has been attending the centre.

Kudzai S.

Parent- 18 month old daughter


My daughter was very shy before joining the centre and was frightened at the sight of anyone new. Through the programs offered at Victoria Park Child Care Centre, field trips and the staff’s daily interaction with my daughter (engaging her to open up and learn Nursery Rhymes),  my daughter is now an avid artist and singer and doesn’t shy away from letting her opinion be known! Thank You VPCCC!

Cecile L.

Parent- 4 year old son


My son just started Junior Kindergarten and I can truly say that his experience at Victoria Park Child Care Centre fully prepared him for this transition. The constant dedication, daily care and unlimited love that he received from the staff during his 3 years at VPCCC (from the infant room to the preschooler room) turned him into a confident boy and gave him the tools/skills to make this transition a very smooth one.